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About ZetaShop

ZetaShop is an online marketplace where buyers through online Auctions and Fixed price sales interact in a virtual world to satisfy their needs effortlessly. Our platform enables you to sell your products and services to a global audience, without incurring additional setup costs. 

By recognizing that demanding shoppers’ expectation do not start at the point of purchase but through the whole process of browsing, selection of products, payment, delivery and cost-value of products, ZetaShop website was designed to ensure the look, feel, user experience for the buyer is exceeded. Authenticity of products through our stringent QoS means that both buyers and sellers are protected on our platform. 

The interface is incredibly Flexible, Customizable, Adaptable, Secure and Fun.

It is the only online retailing website in Nigeria that offers three distinct features: Auction (Bid), Buy Now (Fixed) and Marketplace.

As we continue to expand our products range, we constantly include the newest fashion lines, electronics and accessories to our scope of offerings which will increase in variety, simplicity, convenience and lowest prices.

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